Why do you buy trees?

We buy trees for raw timber, which we process and sell wholesale to lumber yards.

Does it cost me anything to get your cash offer?

Absolutely not! Buying means we pay you, not the other way around.

Where does my property have to be located for you to buy my trees?

We work with a network of timber mills and tree service companies from around the continental United States, so in most cases, if your property has the type of trees we are looking for, we will buy them.

What types of trees are you looking to buy?

We are mainly interested in buying hardwood trees such as birch, oak, mahogany, etc..

How many trees should I have before you will consider buying from me?

Typically, you need to have a wooded property which is at least 10 acres.

Is your service legal in my area?

As long as your local laws do not prohibit any type of tree removal, we can legally buy your trees.

How long does it take for you to come out after I receive cash offer?

We typically send a crew within 5 business days after we give you a formal offer.

Can you remove unwanted trees which you are not buying?

In most cases, yes, and we will do it for free if you qualify.

Do you retain any type of rights or ownership after buying my trees?

Absolutely not. Out transaction is finished after the trees we purchased from you are removed from your property.

Is all tree removal work done by licensed professionals?

Yes. We only contract with professional tree service companies who are fully licensed and insured.